• John Marchiando

RMBI 2019, Day 3, Mock Audition

The big event of the day at the RMBI on day 3 was the Mock Audition Competition. The Summit Brass faculty serve as the committees for each respective instrument and the students who wish to, perform a blind audition of a predetermined list of excerpts from the orchestra and wind band repertoire.

The trumpet committee of David Hickman, Ron Romm, Joe Burgstaller, Al Hood, and myself heard 14 solid candidates play preliminary rounds. We advanced 3 people into the “final” round, but chose no winner. We did name two honorary mentions.

Without going into too much depth as to why we chose no winner (future blog alert), it was simply because of this: nobody really stepped up and performed exceptionally well. That being said, it was a very solid level of playing this year, and it was great to hear everyone play!

The Summit Brass trumpet section discussing the Mock Audition with students who competed.

The career seminar topic for day 3 was how to deal with performance anxiety. Ron Romm, Scott Hartman, Tim Northcutt, and Demondrae Thurman were the expert panel on the topic. While I wan’t able to attend, I’m sure the advice was stellar.

Brass master classes by Demondrae, Scott, Dan Perantoni, Denise Tryon, and Joe Bursgstaller were the highlight of the morning. I caught a bit of Joe’s class. There was lots of great advice and guidance from a stellar player and teacher!

Day 4 will be a big one! Stay tuned. JM

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