• John Marchiando

RMBI 2019, Day 4, Big Day!

Day 4 started with the Career Seminar, “Preparing the Future: Education Careers,” on which I was one of the panel members. Dave Hickman, JD Shaw, Joe Parisi, and Brad Edwards joined me. Dave provided an excellent hand-out for the participants with loads of information on the college teaching career, from the perks of having a university job, down to how to interview, prepare a vitae, etc. I will post the hand out here on my blog soon. We had a fantastic discussion about the education field, and the participants asked several great questions. It was an enlightening morning for me, as I always love to hear from my Summit colleagues about what they do within their studios, and how they got to where they are.

Joe and Dave in the seminar. Dave, as usual, giving amazing advice!

Immediately following the seminar was Dave Hickman’s trumpet master class. I made sure to stick around to witness what was Dave’s final class at the RMBI. As usual, he was a wealth of information, from the history of the music being played, to advice on oral shape for articulation, to musical phrase and style advice, and more. The trumpet students at the RMBI were given an enormous gift from this legend of music and pedagogy. I sure hope they were listening, as we are unlikely to ever witness the master in this setting again.

The Master!

The day ended with the first of the Faculty Recitals, which I performed on. My colleagues Brian Bowman, Scott Hartman, JD Shaw, Al Hood, Brad Edwards, John Lofton, and Dan Perantoni, also performed. I played with the incredible pianist, Linda Booth. She’s a fine pianist and musician, and an even better person. We played three short charts by Russian composers, Alexander Arutunian, Vladimir Peskin, and Nikolai Rakow; The Russian Suite, as I called it. It was a blast, and was a great showcase for the Summit Brass faculty! Faculty Recital No. 2 is sure to be as exciting!

Day 5, a welcome rest, coming soon…….JM

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