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RMBI 2019, Day 5, Rest Day, sort of…

Day 5 was a bit of a rest day for me, if you could call doing a coaching, teaching a lesson, and a two-hour Summit Brass rehearsal a rest day. But compared to the previous full days of work, it was nice to have a morning off to take it easy.

The career seminar for the day was a class on entrepreneurship with the directors of the RMBI and Denver Brass leaders, Kathy Brantigan and Becky Wilkins, audition seminar creator Denise Tryon, and teacher, soloist, and creator of some really cool musical acts, Joe Burgstaller. While I did not attend, I’m sure there was a ton of great information shared with the participants.

Entrepreneurship seminar panel of experts!

Al Hood, Paul Naslund, JD Shaw, Tim Northcutt, and Demondrae Thurmond were the master class presenters of the day. It was nice to see new UNM alumnus Nate Lesiak get some stage time with Al in the trumpet master class. It’s also nice to have JD around the RMBI. He not only offers a great deal of knowledge to the horn participants as a teacher, but is a star player, and his arrangements for brass choir have be a welcome addition to the Summit Brass library!

The concert for Day 4 was the second of the faculty recitals. David Hickman, Ron Romm, Allene Hackleman, Tom Bacon, trombone quartet of Scott Hartman, Brad Edwards, Carl Lenthe and Demondrae Thurman, Brian Bowman, Tim Northcutt, and Joe Burgstaller all played beautifully. Just looking at that list of stars makes me realize how fortunate I am to be a part of the RMBI. The audience went nuts after the final act, a well-deserved ovation for the several fine performances.

Day 6 brings a welcome surprise!


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