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RMBI Day 2. Here we go!

Events began full-scale today at the RMBI. The opening session was a Career Seminar entitled “Winning ‘The Chair: Orchestra & Military Careers”. The panel of Warren Deck, John Lofton, Brian Bowman, and Allene Hackleman led a lively discussion about not only auditioning, but also how to KEEP the job once the audition is won. This is a subject not taught enough by many in our field and needs to be discussed more. I’ll have a blog about this next week when the RMBI is over.

Afterward was the master class sessions of the day, which included my trumpet class. I love this day at the RMBI. I love teaching in the master class setting. I had my usual blast working with a few young trumpeters and sharing what I believe to be the important concepts of trumpet playing. Again, more on that to come in future posts of N-S-FMR.

Student ensemble coaching began today, as well. I am working with a quintet of fine young undergrads from excellent schools like UMKC, UNT, NMSU and Carnegie Mellon. We’re going to have a great time this week!

Of course, Summit Brass rehearsals began today, as well. After 13 years, I still have to pinch myself that I get to play with these amazing people and musicians. These rehearsals are the highlights of the week, for me. Such a immense honor to share music with this fine group. We added one new member this year, Demondrae Thurman, on Euphonium. Holy cow, does he sound amazing! It’s great to finally get to work with him.

The incredible artistry of Demondrae!

The Three Brave Matadors!

The day ended with a concert by the Denver Brass, the gracious hosts of the RMBI. They paid a fabulous tribute to the patriotic music they’ve compiled over the 30+ years they have been in existence. The Denver Brass is a leading model of entrepreneurship, musicianship, and showmanship. Any young musician who wishes to form their own performing ensemble certainly should use Denver Brass as an example of excellence.

More tomorrow!


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